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Never before have alarm systems, especially wireless systems, been so advanced. Ranging from simple to more complex systems with Smart phone access, now's a great time to get that new system fitted.

Here are some facts, but don't just read them get in touch, it's free to ask.


A figure that will shock you is that an astonishing 64% of people seeking property insurance admit that they do not always lock their front doors or windows when heading out. The most common entry point is an open window or unlocked front door.


A distinctive statement that burglars have been known to make is that burglar alarms are hugely ignored and unarmed most of the time. People can be naïve in thinking they will never need it, with 34% of those polled admitting their alarm doesn’t get used. In a separate poll, another 33% of homeowners admitted that they ignore any sounding alarms in the street.


The most common target for burglars is a semi-detached (38%) bricked (51%) house occupied by a family with young children. The house has three bedrooms and is situated in an urban location (59%). A garden at the back of the house (82%), approximately 160 sq m and surrounded by fencing (66%). Usually with no garage (63%) at the property but there is one car sitting on the drive (32%).


Only 22% of burglaries happen when the property is occupied, so any measures that can be taken should be. Even small measures such as keeping your keys away from letter boxes and leaving a radio on inside can easily defend your home. And, of course, not leaving lights on during the day - advertising that you are out and won’t be back until after dark.



The cost of repairing the damage and replacing the stolen goods costs on average £1,730 – very few ever getting their stolen goods back.


It isn’t uncommon for a burglar to hit the same house more than once. After all, they know the vulnerabilities, may have keys and are expecting you to replace your stolen items via an insurance claim. If you’re the victim of a break-in, improve your home security; if you haven’t been, don’t wait until you are!


Unfortunately, burglaries are hard to solve. Three out of four crimes are going unsolved, the lowest clear-up rate for five years. So, recovering your property is even less likely to happen.


Burglary rates are likely to be under-reported. Many burglaries are not reported, either because they may be very minor, or the victim doesn’t want to bother the Police. Sometimes victims are insured and so don’t see the point in reporting the crime.